League Divisions

Little League includes divisions for kids ages 4-16 in baseball and softball. For information on each division, select the division of interest from the navigation column on the left.

Tee Ball Division (4-6 Years Old)

Baseball Divisions

Minor League Baseball (7-8 Years Old)

Little Majors Baseball (9-10 Years Old)

Majors Baseball
 (11-12 Years Old)

Intermediate Baseball (50/70 Division) (11-13 Years Old)

Junior Baseball (13-14 Years Old)

Senior Baseball (15-16 Years Old)

Softball Divisions

Minor Division (7-8 Years Old)

Little Majors (9-10 Years Old)

Major Division (11-12 Years Old)

Junior Division (13-14 Years Old)

Senior Division (15-16 Years)

Challenger Division

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